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Repository Fringe is a website that is dedicated to providing information on the various repositories that are in existence today.

It seeks to promote the idea of using online repositories that are available to educators, students and enthusiasts among others. Over the years, online repositories have helped numerous academicians to improve their academic work ranging from writing to research skills.

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What You Didn’t Know About Repositories

Academic repositories are open source resources that are usually available for free. When they are free, the materials they feature can be shared, adapted and reused as often as the need arises.

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Comprehensive List Of Open Repositories

Open educational resources are increasingly becoming popular. This follows their reliability in as far as enabling academicians to be at their best in their respective disciplines.

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The Importance Of Citing Credible Sources In Your Academic Work

Academic work differs from general pieces of writing. Unlike the latter, the former requires authors to back their information by academic sources.

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At Repository Fringe, we have been following the significant contribution that online repositories have made to the world of academics

Recent Articles

OpenCulture Offers Free Resources On Culture And Education

Culture and education have continued to be important aspects of the academic world. Not only are they necessary for the overall achievement of various global academic goals. But, they are also inseparable. With the coming of globalization, the impact that culture has on education cannot be overstated. There is need for intercultural communication to facilitate […]

TED Offers Inspiring Lectures On Different Topics

TED videos are lectures presented by expert speakers in the fields of education, business, psychology, technology and science. The abbreviation TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. It is driven by the slogan “ideas worth spreading”. The organization has been renowned for its phenomenal conferences which gather people from all parts of the worlds and […]

How Open Repositories Can Advance Academic Work?

Open repositories have long been renowned for being some of the best sources of information for academicians. These are online sources that are readily available to people in the academic world. The list of individuals that have benefited from such sources is actually endless. It includes teachers, researchers, lecturers, professors, enthusiasts and students from varied […]

List Of Open Repositories

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